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Le Green Coffee is the premier supplier of coffee from Indonesia, established in 2023 with a strong passion for Indonesian coffee. We offer superior quality green beans from a wide-ranging coffee origin. Our coffee is carefully selected to ensure it is both high quality and consistent.

Biji Kopi

Our Vision

Introduce and promote world class coffee of Indonesia

There are still many more untapped coffee origins in Indonesia, all of which have the capacity to yield a world class coffee. We're adamant to develop them to the fullest extent possible make those potentials a reality.

Improve the quality of Indonesian Coffee

We are dedicated to providing support and education to the heroes of the industry - the local farmers, as to improve the quality of the coffee. Millions of people rely on coffee for their life and wellbeing, making it more than just a simple bean. Coffee farmers are heroes of the industry who deserve recognition and support. Our commitment is aimed at acknowledging their invaluable contributions to the coffee industry while also promoting sustainable farming practices.

To be the industry leader in South East Asia for trading specialty coffee

Our goal is to become the top specialty coffee trading firm in South East Asia, providing our customers with reliable and efficient solutions. We are dedicated to ensuring that our clients receive the highest quality products and services, making us the first choice for all their specialty coffee needs. With our commitment to excellence and innovation, we aim to establish ourselves as leaders in the industry and create a lasting impact on the Southeast Asian coffee market.

Our Mission

Strategic partnership with local coffee farmers and best practice process

Forming partnership with local coffee farmers to implement best practice of coffee processing standards and plantation. Conducting ongoing research and development to ensure the standards are continuously improved and applied by the farmers and processors. Our goal is to increase quality, sustainability and efficiency in the coffee production process, benefiting both the farmers and our customers

Establish connections between farmers and the right consumers.

Constructing the missing bridge to create a strategic link between farmers to the suitable buyers. Recognizing market trends and communicating client’s expectations to coffee producers in order to fulfill the market demand. Likewise, we work hard to decrease obstacles experienced in the sector and effectively communicate in order to bring the best quality.

Support and equip coffee growers.

Provide full support to farmers enabling them to produce the most effective way. Embracing coffee growers in a way that is both professional and family-oriented. Support provided can be in various forms from social welfare, finances, emotional support, equipment, professional guidance and also expert knowledge.

Our Company Values

These values guide our actions, decisions, and interactions every day, shaping our company's culture and driving us towards a future of success and prosperity.


Our ethical framework will guide you to earn the richest special coffee from the Hills of Nusantara with a valuable amount of coffee.


Quality assurance in our project management is a series of actions designed to ensure the final outcomes of a more seductive coffee beans to your roastery.


Our team members have a particular amount of skills and determine to the success of our coffee farms and engages in many National coffee events


We care about our place of work. High level commitment has increased our workplace productivity, emphasizing careful calibration to produce a more clean tasting coffee.


A combination of hard and soft skills requirements help us overcome challenges in optimizing the degree of control in coffee processing for your special way of roasting coffee.

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Featured Product

Introducing our latest addition to the family. Sourced from the finest coffee estates in Indonesia, each bean is meticulously selected and roasted to perfection.

Team Certification

Our teams are profesionally certified by CQI (Coffee Quality Institute)


Le Green Coffee is the premier supplier of coffee from Indonesia, established in 2023 with a strong passion for Indonesian coffee.


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