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Indonesia has a remarkable variety of coffees, and the market is always changing and evolving. Whether you're searching for reliable supplies of the traditional wet-hulled profile from Aceh or North Sumatra, clean-washed coffees from Flores or Sulawesi, or experimental micro-lots from the younger producers that are starting to appear throughout the archipelago of Sumatra.

Although Indonesia has a long history of producing coffee, the specialty market has recently ignored its offerings. With the help of our creative and constantly growing supply chain, we are pleased to offer you premium coffees from several of Indonesia's distinctive areas, together with comprehensive traceability data.

cultivate land on a plateau in the Sumatra island, near the base of Mount Kerinci. The Pacific Ring of Fire, a 40,000-kilometer horseshoe-shaped chain of 452 volcanoes that are a part of an almost continuous dance of eruptions and plate movements, includes Mount Kerinci among its numerous volcanoes. Because of the abundant supply of fertile volcanic soil, the surrounding area is lush and verdant as a result of Mount Kerinci's previous eruptions.

It is stated that planting all five of the aforementioned kinds in one field at the same time results in this distinct flavor. Since the traits of these five species of plants complement one another, the original thought was that planting them would make controlling pests easier.

This coffee's flavor, according to the Q grader, is a blend of the traits of five different varieties: Sidikalang, Gayo, Andung Sari, Sigurar Debt, and P88. It has a high rating and is deserving of the title of specialty coffee due to the blend of flavors.


Origins: Kerinci, Jambi
Altitude: 1400-1700 Masl

Preference Tasting Notes: Orange, Black tea, Sugar cane


Le Green Coffee is the premier supplier of coffee from Indonesia, established in 2023 with a strong passion for Indonesian coffee.


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